Playlist drones

via Playlist drones von dj joe_le_taxi.

layyers of repeating drones,starting with ambient tunes, changing to more wah wah guitars, then getting darker with the female voices of pocahaunted and zola jesus and ending with sun araw and mount eerie’s classics

Wolves – six organs of admittance
sun awakens
Hive – mountains
Mountains Mountains Mountains
FreezingMoon – WyrdVisions
Half eaten guitar
Tarot Harem -Topaz Rags
Hermetic Secrets – Eternal Tapestry
Tropical Rain Washed My Brain – High wolf
Winged sun CD-R
a blanket of ash – Heavy Winged
s/t (cd-r)
The Flood excerpt – Julian Lynch
Birthday cd – r
Untitled II – Ulaan Khol
Apple Walk – Ducktails
Mirror Image 7 Inch
the creeps – Woods
Family Creeps
Sun Araw – Canopy
Boat Trip (mini cdr)
Touch You – pocahaunted
Make It Real
At the Mountains of Madness – Magic Lantern
S/T (CD-R)
Syvyys – paavoharju
Yhä Hämärää
mount eerie – Microphones
mount eerie
Mother Daughter Day – Kurt Weisman
Spiritual Sci-fi

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