Land of Kush´s Monogamy

It´s been a few weeks already since the release of Land of Kush´s Monogamy together with the Egyptian Light Orchestra on Constellation records.

But it takes time to understand and listen to this music. Especially it´s hard to get used to the computerized voice, which is permanently in the background as a kind off dadaistic commentary,which in the first run seems to ruins almost every song, but after a while you think: it´s consequent and it´s a hard futuristic radical antithesis to the arabic old folkloristic instrumentation of this record.

So listen yourself, here´s the preview:

Especially the title track with the voice of Elisabeth Anka Vajagic and its lyrics is thrilling and mesmerizing:


“A is for the apple tree
B is for Beelzebub and he’s the snake
C is for the curse of Ham
D is for the drugs that you’re now forced to take
E is for eternity
F is for the fucking that you did outside
G is for the Giving Tree
H is for the Holy Spirit’s bride

And all of this comes out
In little birdlike trills
You’ll reach for paper towels
To clean up all your spills”

So it´s somehow not that easy to handle like the amazing “Against the Day” LP,  but for those who listen carefully and for dj´s that aren´t in fear of angry comments while playing 6 minutes with a computer voice, it´s growing every time you listen to it.

And moveover: who expected something that simple from constellation records?


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