Best Coast

A little bit disappointing:

Best coast´s official debut: crazy for you.

Best Coast: Crazy For You LP Stream by brilliantlydifferent


After releasing several amazing and hard to get 7″ inches on small labels (art fag, blackest rainbow, group tightener, black iris etc.) best coast was signed by wichita and “crazy for you” is the official debut. (buy it from rough trade in EU and mexican summer for the US)

There´s just one track from the 7″ on it, “when i´m with you”, which appears on the black iris 7″ originally and which is now on the cd as a bonus track. (here is a nice video of this track at the end of this post)

After first listening, I´m missing a bit the psychodelic sounds of the 7″, like the amazing “the sun was high” single or the moody dark tracks on the blackest rainbow EP “where the boys are”. The garage sound is a bit gone and what´s left is a nice 60´ies girly pop sound, sounding like the early shangri – las.

A good example is the first track “boyfriend”, cool, naiv & nice but a bit too clean and the lyrics seem now to be without irony, a little too “teeny” like.

But still its a good album and I don´t want to grudge 22 year old bethany cosentino, having sucess and selling more than 500 limited records.

But for all fans: Buy the 7″ and EP´s, if you can still grab some of them – they are great.

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