Free Music Archive: Spectre Folk and Steve Gunn – ISSUE Project Room 1/29/10

Spectre Folk is Pete Nolan of Magic Markers, here collaborating with Steve Gunn, who´s endless guitar improvisation are masterpieces in innovative psych – folk sounds.

See and listen: steve gunn “boerum palace” (three lobbed recordings) or the beautiful “End of the city” steve gunn/ shawn mc millen split (abandoned ship)

spectre folk: “Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo” (arbitrary signs)

Listen and download all tracks here via the Free Music Archive for free or listen to singletracks:

Free Music Archive: Spectre Folk – ISSUE Project Room 1/29/10.

ISSUE Project Room 1/29/10
02. Spectre Folk –  Toot! Toot! (05:12)
04. Spectre Folk –  Sat Around (10:56)
05. Steve Gunn –   Improvisation 1 (10:37)
06. Steve Gunn –   Improvisation 2 (12:07)
video: spectre folk – sat around for peace
from the album “Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo”
diecected by salvatore harmon
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