Big Blood

One of the most thrilling bands these days, is so far in Germany almost unknow: big blood,
from maine, USA.

“Big Blood, the phantom four piece of Asian Mae, Caleb Mulkerin, Rose Philistine and Colleen Kinsella perform only as a duo. An intimate team, walking blind through each other’s songs presenting one of a kind recordings tailor-made to the night’s performance.” (quote: Free Music Archive)

The lovely made Free Music Archive site offers now the opportunity to listen and download to most of the albums for free (except for dead songs) and experience the different styles and voices, they are into it:

From free folk to strange dark melodic pop songs to more experimental ambient stuff, mostly released by their own label don´t trust the ruin – but the amazing Time lag label now put on their first real cd / vinyl: realease “dead songs” (time lag 051).

Sometimes it reminds of early arcade fire, then even one things of coco rosie or p.j.harvey (in her “rid of me – 4-track demos” period) while listening to some tracks.

Here´s a lovely video of the nervous, but somehow unforgettable “dead song”: (using film footage from Bruce Conner’s “Breakaway” (1966),from the big blood website, unknown director, it suits amazingly well to the music)

Some songs – and the artwork!!! – are simply stunning: Listen e.g. to the beautiful “sew your wild days 1 & 2” or the “already gone 1 & 2 “tracks here –
so discover and enjoy the great music of big blood!

Already Gone I
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