Ducktails live on WFMU

After the amazing night yesterday in madame claude, berlin, together with the great dolphins into the future and idiot glee, here´s a small memory:
ducktails live at wmfu 2008, for free download at free music archive or to buy as vinyl on
inflated records

Live at WFMU on Marty McSorley’s show on 10/24/2008
01. Backyard (03:35)
03. The Mall (01:59)
05. Extended Jam (07:11)
06. Surfs Up (08:51)
07. interview (04:20)

There is a lot of new ducktails stuff to listen and buy at his shows or soon at the shops:
see for details on the site of alex phelan:

7″ split with rangers on not not fun (nnf 203 A)
7″ “hamilton road” out on olde english spelling bee

ducktails morrow image 7″ out on shdwply
Ducktails – “On Hold With Guitar Center” tape on soon on FUCK IT TAPES
ducktails / dracula lewis split soon (no fun)
ducktails III (in november)

Here´s a video of one of the best songs, landrunner at last …

I hope ducktails will return soon to berlin, the city he studied once, as he said at the concert, but in fact he went more to parties than to university…

Ducktails – Landrunner, directed by alice cohen

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