prenzlauer berg, childrens little paradise?


You have to be creative in business now, when more and more new families with young childs are moving here – no more bakeries, simple bars or record shops for the poor. But engaging a cleaning women, doing pilates or opening new coffee shops for the young lucky families is en vogue here – and there are insurances and strange esoteric shops like one for “effective micro organism” in the neighborhood”.

Whatever works in this gentrified quarter: children stuff: Coffee shops, where mothers drink their latte macchiato, while the kids are being cared by the personal (e.g. “das spielzimmer, schliemannstr. 2 € entry, formerly the gay bar “grand hotel”), shops for toys, clothing, second hand stuff for kids with names like: “mia mohnstreusel” – sorry, but this is not real, this is a virtual bubble – kindergarden – zone for rich western german or western europe bobo families.

Lately I saw a sign somewhere on the wall, stating “missing here: creativity”. Simply true.

Left over Artists, Dog Walkers or alcoholic natives are now being critically watched like if they act in a circus
or in a zoo with a neo-colonial attitude: “Look, Bastian, here is a real native, you can touch the dog”
ok, I´m getting mean now and stop.

But the question remains: leave or howl with the wolves ?

The one on the foto definetly howles with the wolves: He offers the “prenzlberger mama service”,
– whatever this means – with a nice sign on an old renault rapid car.

Me, I just watch and see the kids in front of my window, playing in the buliding suit and I wait for those wealthy families kids, growing up and I am very curious, what happends with them in puberty,
when revolting agains their green – black – ecological – boring – conservative – but – nevertheless – somehow – open – minded – “bionade biedermeier” parents…

Will they become litlle terrorists or square and form a new petty bourgeoisie
like in the tv spot: “wenn ich gross bin möchte ich auch spiesser

Let them grow up and we´ll see, if this is really paradise
for them in the long run, when stepping into the real world.

ps: sorry mothers…

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2 Responses to prenzlauer berg, childrens little paradise?

  1. milena says:

    hahhaha, so true

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