annex:dirty beaches mix

Finally, here´s the stream for the recent dj flyer via soundcloud to listen-for a few weeks or so until there´s a new mix…

hope you like it…

Dirty Beaches by joe le taxi

dj flyer # 11 / Sept 2010

  1. How’m I Doin’ 2:41 Mountain Man Made The Harbor
  2. Sun Out My Window 1:57 Ducktails Welcome Home: Diggin’ The Universe (A Woodsist Compilation)
  3. Searching 2:59 LA Vampires & Zola Jesus LA Vampires & Zola Jesus
  4. Paris   4:17 Dirty Beaches Night City
  5. Night Country 2:26 Beggin’ Your Pardon Miss Joan Edges
  6. She Said Nothing II 4:19 Big Blood Sew Your Wild Days Tour Vol. II
  7. Shelter of Night 2:52 Plankton Wat Shadows
  8. en rêve 3:58 Pigeons The Curatorial Club 006
  9. Dream Away Life 4:24 Dum Dum Girls Blissed Out
  10. I Know I Got Religion 4:41 Kurt Vile Square Shells EP
  11. Send No Sign 3:54 Tim Cohen Laugh Tracks
  12. She Gone 2:45 Gonjasufi Spex CD #89 (03-04/2010)
  13. Boomerang 2:30 Big Troubles Worry
  14. George 9:07 Family Portrait Family Portrait c17
  15. Valo Tihkuu Kaiken Läpi 4:01 Paavoharju Summer And Smiles Of Finland
  16. Ver Sacrum 3:49 Isengrind Modlitewnik Vinyl
  17. Moscow signal 2:53 Natural Snow Buildings The Centauri Agent CD II.
  18. Streams 15:39 MV & EE Liberty Rose
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