Music for watching stars disappear: Natural Snow Buildings “The Centauri Agent”

Here´s is a beautiful ambient psych – folk album by the Natural Snow Buldings:

the centauri agent, a double lp,released march 2010, given away for free on the
website of the label vulpiano records, who´s philosophy it is, to offer one album of each artist for free under creative common licence – great choice, though.

Natural Snow Bulidings are Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte from Frence. They have released several albums since 1999 under this name, but they play as well in the amazing solo projects isengrind and twinsistermoon – both have new albums out in 2010, buy it at
Blackest Rainbow Records.

Download both LP´s here
for free, lay down, think about supernovas and relax…
(my favourites are: solar flares & moscow signal)


Part One:
1-Our man from Centauri
2-The accidental remote viewer

Part Two:
1-The Psychic Circle/Uchronia
2-Black holes
3-The storm of resurrection
4-Moscow signal
5-Phantom twin
6-Stuttering probe
7-Solar flares
8-Emergency network farewell broadcast
9-Memories found in a bill from a small animal vet

(Cover art is by Marilyn Roxie, designed from Creative Commons
images Alpha Centauri and the Batman Nebula)

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