strange times, strange signs: mama run vs. prenzl papa


I saw this sign on kollwitzstr. and I really don´t have a clue, what´s this all
about, but this prenzl. papa symbol is great and a
wonderful caricature of the “local heroes” here.



Another symbol of the fast gentrification going on here, I saw yesterday: run mama run,
an offer, designed for women right after birth for jogging with with buggy &
child together with other mamas, for loosing weight and getting into shape again etc.-
(another shop around here is called “sexy mama”, established since a few years)

Seeing women (or men) in the volkspark, jogging or skating with a buggy, I find ridiculous, sorry.



A new restaurant around the corner anounces at the day of the opening: “Restaurant Martin, German Food – mit Spielecke” (children´s corner) – adopt yourself to the rich, german family neighborhood or die….
(see: Hans Wurst vegan cafe – r.i.p)

and there are pre – natal and post – natal yoga courses and and and…

And what does the resistance – if there is one left?

A new big graffiti around two renovated houses in dunckerstr. says:
“this house used to be a berliner house”
and: “schwaben raus” (suabian´s out!)

It´s no use, to fight gentrification with discrimination or simply racism. –

More avantgarde and subversive is a sign & grafiti, that I found in schliemannstr, above the door bells, that states:
“the following names will be called for class struggle”

…Guess there will be soon moone left again here to fight –

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