New York is killing me, but John the Revelator saved my life…

New York is killing me – but John the Revelator saved my Life…
An eclectic Soul & Blues compilaton

by joe le taxi 10/10

1. New York Is Killing Me 4:30 Gil Scott-Heron I’m New Here
2. Enchanted sea 2:00 the counts Mississipi tapes MRC 01: House of Broken Hearts
3. Addis Abba 3:07 Don Drummond MRC-027: Time Is Longer Than A Rope Side A
4. Forge Your Own Chains 4:36 D.R. Hooker Forge Your Own Chains
5. John The Revelator 3:21 Blind Willie Johnson Anthology Of American Folk Music, Vol. 2B
6. Lift Him Up That’s All 3:31 Washington Phillips Goodbye, Babylon
7. Going Down The River 4:18 Mississippi Fred McDowel the first recordings
8. The Qabalistic Cross Aumgu 3:34 Graham Bond Holy Magick / We Put Our Magick On You
9. I need a Dollar 4:04 Aleo Black I need a dollar 12“
10. Don’t Let It Get You Down 4:40 Shadrack Chameleon Forge Your Own Chains
11. Soulful Strut 2:02 Sound Dimension Studio One Soul
12. Ghost Light 4:11 Barrett Lindgren Ghost/Light
13. Ancestors 2:37 Gonjasufi A sufi and a killer
14. Is It Because I’m Black 3:15 Senior Soul Studio One Soul
15. Black snake blues 3:17 Spivey, Victoria Flashbacks #3 – hot & sexy – Copulation Blues
16. Press my button, ring my bell 3:18 Lil Johnson & Black Bob Flashbacks #3
17. Sam 3:11 Pisces A Lovely Sight
18. Gonna Wanna 2:37 Theo Angell Dearly Beloved
19. No Bold Villain 4:30 Timber Timbre Daytrotter Session – 1/6/2010
20. 102nd Psalm 7:20 Peter Walker Long Lost Tapes 1970
21. unknown track 2:38 William Onyeabor Atomic bomb
22. I Won’t Hurt You 2:20 The West Coast Pop-Art Experimental Band
MRC-022: Who Has Seen The Wind? Side A

cd – r as dj flyer at concerts
for friends, 79 min

here´s the cloud:
(quality is very poor, sorry – I´ll do a better recording soon)

New york is killing me but john the revelator saved my life by joe le taxi


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