Ilyas Ahmed

ilyas achmed between two skies and towards the night bookcat

Immune-006 : Ilyas Ahmed
Between Two Skies/Towards The Night 2xLP

Between Two Skies :
1. Black Midas
2. As Those Above
3. Night Song
4. To You Soon
5. Silence The High
6. Amajan
7. This Dust
8. Samanjhna

Towards The Night :
1. Circular Sky
2. Satanta’s Hand
3. Golden Eyes
4. Shumsun

There are now two of the most amazing albums of portland´s pakistani born psych – folk guitarist ilyas ahmed now on double vinyl available on immune records here or – if you are a berliner – as I did yesterday at my favourite record dealer “Bis aufs Messer”, see link on the right side.

It´s really difficult to describe ahmed`s music, you think of steve gunn, james blackshaw, then again the voice reminds a bit of early sigur ros even. And there are surely some arabic influences in the endless melancholic melodies. But it´s breathtaking, deep and it´s calming you down for a long long time.

So listen yourself to some tracks here via the fine guys of FMA or buy this amazing record or his cd´s on time – lag or digitalis.

Here´s as well a fine interview with Ahmed on the digitalis site:

And finally,  some tracks of his first records on time -lag via

Free Music Archive:

Century of Moonlight
03. Your One Mind (06:42)
04. The Gathering (07:26)
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