Meandering winter tracks: Jozef van Wissem / James Blackshaw

The Free music archive offers one album and a great live set of joszef van wissem´s
amazing guitar impovisations for free download.

Jozef von Wissem is a dutch composer and artist,  playing together with James Blackshaw on the the incredible “Brethren of the Free Spirit” EP, released on important records.
He playes lute and guitar, sometimes he prepares them or uses the cut – up teknique of william burroughs in his compositions or integrates field recordings in his tracks.

Here ´s a photo of the amazing concert last monday in berlin, madame claude together with vanishing twins:

A Priori

02. Aerumna (03:23)
04. Thelema (04:11)
06. De Anima (05:22)


And here´s some free tracks from james blackshaw –

After the amazing small concert in monarch last year, he will play live again this year in volksbühne,presenting his new album (13. december)

James Blackshaw, live on wfmu, 2.2.2010

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