this year´s favourites

Here are some of my favouites 2010
without comments, links or examples,
it´s just a list –
if you´re nosy,
discover yourself – it´s worth it



gil-scott heron – i´m new here
(xl)gil cover pitchfork

deerhunter – halycon digest

forest swords – dagger paths
(no pain in pop/ olde english spelling bee)

dagger midheaven

julian lynch – mare
(olde english spelling bee)

mountain man – made the harbour

alex bleeker and the freaks
(underwater peoples)

crocodiles- sleep forever
(fat possum)

magic lantern – platoon
(sun ark, woodsist)

land of kush´s egyptian light orkestra – monogamy

pocahaunted – make it real
(not not fun)

pigeons – si faustine
(olde english spelling bee)



ducktails – hamlilton road 7″
olde english spelling bee)

dirty beaches – golden desert sun
(italian beach babes)

pocahaunted – treshold
treshold cover bookcat

high wolf / the savage young taterbug split
(not not fun – bored fortress)

topaz rags – the crow center
(not not fun)


10″ / 12″

kurt vile – square shells EP

wildbirds and peacedrums

iris / retina



family portrait
(the curatorial club)


mount eerie – song islands vol 2
(p.w elverum & sun)



the pyramids – king of kings
(1973 / 2010)

alan lomax / various
worried now, won´t be worried long…
(1960, 2010))
& 5 other lp´s of lomax field recordings, celebrating the 50 th birthday of his southern journey

ilyas achmed – beetween two skies / towards the night
(2004/ 2010, immune)


remarkable concerts in berlin:

david thomas broughton @ west germany
gil scott – heron @ maria
sun araw / hype williams @ west germany
yann tiersen / lonski & classen @ west germany
zola jesus / former ghosts / xiu xiu @ festsaal kreuzberg
ducktails @ madame claude
matt elliott @ bar25 & ut connewitz leipzig
islaja / lucky dragons @ bar 25
sylvester anfang II & helvete @ madame claude
kurt weisman / micah blue smalldone @ west germany
josephine forster @ hbc
nils frahm @ hbc

should have been there:
pyramids @ volksbühne



un prophete

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