I wish, we could look into the future…


Here´s a new years day compilation, focussing on more ambient, mysterious &

spherical tracks to welcome 2011 –
so happy new year to you all!

ps: the photos are shot in genève, suisse
by laetitia taban & me


I wish we could look into the future – a new years day mix 2011

1. Opening 3:40 Bruce Langhorne The Hired Hand
2. Untitled 3 10:11 Visitations I Wish We Could Look Into the Future
3. star dream 5:18 Stag Hare Light Being Traveler
4. You Can Count On Me 2:25 Panda Bear You Can Count On Me
5. Lord Knows Best 2:41 Dirty Beaches Daytrotter Studio 12/9/2010
6. Sister Alchemy 3:38 Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month s/t
7. Your World(candied) 3:33 Mr. & Mrs. Smith A Collector’s Guidebook
8. crumbling spires 6:59 James Brewster As a hovering…
9. Mosquito Coast 7:01 Magic Lantern Ben Nash / Magic Lantern Split
10. Trust Your Blood 6:15 Forest Swords Dagger Paths – No Pain In Pop bonus disc
11. Laisse Tomber les Filles 3:44 Pigeons Liasons
12. frogs / waters/ sisters 2:36 je suis le petit chevalier
13. Amajan 5:12 Ilyas Ahmed Between Two Skies
14. Heart Lake at Night 1:23 Mount Eerie Song Islands Vol. 2
15. Part 6 2:43 James Blackshaw All Is Falling
16. Closure 9:52 Third Eye Foundation The Dark

(77 min)

By joe le taxi 01/11

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1 Response to I wish, we could look into the future…

  1. _D_ave says:

    great mix, but i’m pretty sure you mislabled the Stag Hare track. I believe you meant “Beach Dream” which is 2:09 long & the release is actually “Liight” Being Traveler and not the standard “Light” spelling; not to be a prick or anything, I was just wondering if you happened to have an extra Stag Hare joint that I didn’t already have ^_^

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