black eagle child / donato epiro

cover photo by joe blanchard

One of the first most beautiful lp´s in 2011 comes from black eagle child and donato epiro, released on blackest rainbow. It´s for both artists their first official release on lp after having released several split series on tapes and cdr´s on labels like stunned or digitalis.

Here are 2 tracks of this beautiful materpiece by donato epiro to listen via soundcloud and two tracks of the forthcoming, in 2011 on the preservation label to be released, “lobelia” cd by black eagle child: If you want to buy it – blackest rainbow webstore or the “bis aufs messer” store in berlin, see the links on the sidebar – then be fast, there´s just 250 of them and just a few left.

To describe the music or at least give an impression of it, it´s basically for both sweet melancholic instrumental, ambient meandering guitar layyers with elements of field recordings and some harp or other tiny percussion background. A bit more experimental are the tracks of italian´s donato epiro.

So thank you blackest rainbow for releasing this wonderful record as a good start in 2011!

donato epiro – il primo cerchio by sturmundrugs

donato epiro – loro della linfa io del sangue by sturmundrugs

Black Eagle Child – Lobelia – Paper Deliver (preservation) by pdis_inpartmaint

Black Eagle Child – Lobelia – Summer Street. (preservation)mp3 by pdis_inpartmaint

As a great way to step into the world of black eagle child is to download the long sold out cassettes for free via their website, here you´ll find experimental drones as well as sweet ambient guitar folk songs like on this split record.

Highly recommended are especially the “seeds that sprout in summer” cassette on stunned and the 2 lovely 15 minutes tracks on the “under our feed” cassette. (golden soundz)

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