east berlin fights back against the yuppie invaders…

…is the headline of a very good article in the guardian about, whats happening in berlin, published a few days ago, sendt to me by a friend, who lives in the uk now and lived a few years ago in prenzlauer berg as well.
(Thank you David for sending me this article)

At least the issue is now internationally discussed, the question remains in fact: does “east berlin” really fight back or do most of the “common people” (those who are not that famous or known like c/o berlin or tacheles) just move away and give up whole districts in the end like prenzlauer berg?.

And if the anti – gentrification activists concentrate right now on future plans, not to make new spaces too attractive to new incomers – the so called concept of “de-attraction of the city” – remains to see, what this means in reality. If making the city less attractive means, to attack tourists in neukölln or to create some other new enemies to the new in-scene spaces, it is always a danger to be in the end simply homophopic, xenophobic, anti – semitic or at least discriminating.

Or like andrej holm said (basically) lately in an interview in the taz concerning the protests in kastanienallee against the modernisation of the street: the people protesting now want to defend their in the last 10 years acchieved status quo against the new invaders. (who might want to acchieve the same things like them in the end, just at another time)

So there is a very thin line between creative protest culture and stupid protectionist “mein block” (sido) – behaviour.

So again, this picture of a playground, seen at a childrens playgoiund in friedrichshain, suits here:

In the end, just beware: it´s never a group of people, (the yuppies, the tourists, the immigrants) etc. who “invades” – they are just the scapegoats.

It´s the capitalism, that forces the changes in the amount of rents, that leads in the end to the ongoing gentrification and to the deplacement of people
– it´s the economy, stupid – not the people!

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