sunday´s ducktails vibe

There is a new arbum by matt mondanile´s ducktails out (digitally jan 11th, vinyl, febr. 8th)on woodsist.

It´s called “arcade dynamics, ducktails III”. Some of these songs were already released
on obscure 7″ – that´s why it is for fans – like the ducktails II cassette –
more a kind of collection, but it´s the third official realeae by ducktails and his first on the famous woodsist label.

Here´s as a preview a song called “killing the vibe” with noah lennox aka panda bear
on background vocals.

Ducktails – Killin’ The Vibe (Feat. Panda Bear) by weallwantsome1

It´s a great velvet underground like guitar hookline. Although the melody is a bit too simple (call it pop), it stays in mind and reminds of matt´s other band, he is playng guitar in: “real estate”. But personally, I do like more the instrumental surf folk sounds, like the second and third song from this album here, “in the swing” or “hamilton road”, released already as 7″ tracks.

Ducktails – In The Swing by Vicente P.S.

Ducktails – Hamilton Road by azabalegui

So I´m curious and happy to listen the the LP soon and get into the strange ambient surf vibe called ducktails.

Finally, here´s a classic: the “landrunner” video
(Olde English Spelling Bee, directed / animated by Alice Cohen)

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