Bright Eyes, PJ Harvey or James Blake – buy the Ducktails LP instead!

ducktails – arcade dynamics (woodsist)

It´s been a while since the last post, so sorry for that, I had to recover from the ctm concert marathon – but it was great to celebrate a festival with really innovative artists and music.

So now, what happened the last 2 weeks in the music szene?

Well, I just listened at the record store to the 3 releases, just out now in germany and everybody´s talking about: the new LP´s by bright eyes, pj harvey and james blake.

So lets talk about the first two, bright eyes and pj harvey first though they are playing both this week in berlin, bright eyes the 18.2 in lido, p.j. the 21th and 22 febr. in admiralspalast

First:tickets for pj harvey were around 70 € regularly, the tickets for the bright eyes show were sold out in 17 minutes, now the prices on ebay are around 100€ for the show in lido. Now there´s a second concert in huge quite unpersonal columbiahalle.

So why the hype?

It´s the first bright eyes show since 3 years and the first lp since a few side projects by conor oberst. polly jean harvey never wanted to go on tour again, she said last year, now she´s back.

Ok, so lets talk about the music now: and i can´t help it: it´s disappointing – don´t know, but none of
those songs were moving me a lot.


The Bright Eyes LP ” the people´s key” out on saddle greek is simply nice and harmless pop music, no more innovative folk influences, no more experiments with field recordings between the songs like in the lifted…Lp – apart from a narrator in the beginning of the first song. And no magic moments.

Sure, the single shell games has some good moments, but this is not what I expect from a band, I really loved and that put out some Lp´s in 3 years that moved the world.

Maybe it´s true what a friend said to me, that sometimes all creativity is put out in short time when you´re young, and than it´s gone suddenly and you try in vain to repeat what´s gone.
Or you drift into other genres, like the country orientated songs of the solo
conor oberst releases.

Here´s an excample of the lp, the single shell games:

shell games

Bright Eyes – Shell Games by acid stag

It would be a pity, if this would be the last LP by Bright Eyes, there are better ones, e.g.
Lifted.., there´s no beginning to the Story EP or I´m wide awake, it´s morning….


For the pj harvey LP “Let England Shake” (Island), it´s different: I thiink the songs are o.k. and sure it´s good to critisize the u.k government, but apart from that, I don`t understand the overwhelming critics though the voice of polly jean seems more and more loosing it´s extravangance and power, it reminds now of everyday pop or even r&b stars.

No more wild rough 4 track demos screaming – but at least the music itself is really interesting and fresh: some reggae tunes, some dancehall even, listen to that track e.g.:

PJ Harvey – The Words That Maketh Murder by VagrantRecords

But in the end, sorry, both LP´s are just good made mainstream pop realeases, nothing else.


Concerning james blake (s/t,atlas recordings):his voice is remarkable and reminds of antony hegerty and the song “limit to your love” is a really great song of a men with an amazing voice (originally by feist):

But: apart from that more untypical song of the LP, it´s not the great dub step or post-dub step revolution like the berliner zeitung (Jens Balzer) wrote, the other songs are more electronic dance / ambient orientated and especially some songs loose a lot because of the cheap vocoder voice and sound effects – but for this young guy, it´s surely a great debut LP – nothing more, nothing less.

James Blake – CMYK by jdillon89

Here´s a beautiful joni mitchell cover:

And if you really want to listen to great “post dub” – whatever this is, listen better to the releases of
sun araw or forest swords:

sun araw – last chants (off duty, woodsist)

Sun Araw – Last Chants by todd281

forest swords – miarches (dagger paths)
Forest Swords – Miarches by vogelfrei-1


So I would advice you: buy the new ducktails LP, put out on woodsist called arcade dynamics / ducktails III (see review a while ago) and see the concert in berlin, west germany,soon – but wave goodbye to bright eyes and p.j harvey in vain to the mainstream…and let them getting their brit awards or grammy like arcade fire did recently – and finally download the 2 good songs, the one´s you could listen here, of the james blake album.

But this is better:

ducktails feat panda bear and dent may: killing the vibe
(arcade dynamics)
Ducktails – Killing The Vibe (feat. Dent May) by Forte Distro

Ducktails – Apple Walk by marinak

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