new mississippi records releases: ishilan n – tenere (day of the desert)

There is a bunch of new releases by portland´s lovely mississippi records, so after today the last of the records was sendt to me, it´s time to go shortly through them. So here´s the first one:

mr 079 / sahel sounds nr.1
ishilan n-tenere – guitar music from the western sahel

The first is a collaboration between the website and blog sahel sounds and mississippi records and it´s a collection of guitar based songs from the mali and senegal regions.

Some of the songs are sung in french, some in wolof, some are pure instrumental tracks, the last long track (amanar) is a hypnotic, almost dancable track, that was recorded even live.

Most of the artists are unknown internationally, but well known in that region and all tracks have this spirit of lovely improvisations in common. It is not that overproduced and kind of clean like some of the recent “world music” releases of the famous mali scene were often. Nevertheless there are sweet melodies, fantastic instrument involved like a “hoddu”, a 4 string lute or the voice of a melodic throat humming.

So this is another amazing example of the curagious mississippi label to put out unknown great artist in a fine and fancy compliation without, by the way, forgetting to pay the people the money, they deserved as the website of the bandcamp site tells.

You can buy the album digitally for a minimum of only 2 $ via
this site:
or on vinyl with a great small bookled with fotos and liner notes inside at the record shop, e.g. at honest jon´s , like I did.

So enjoy a day in the desert with that release. It´s worth a deep and careful listen and promise: thre is a magic in these desert melodies, you want to repeat the lp forever and ever….



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