the singer by dirty beaches

Right before the long awaited release of the first official album “badlands” on Zoo Music at the end of march, there´s another lovely 7″ by montreal´s dirty beaches, out on soft power records.

This time it´s a Johnny Cash cover “the singer”, a hardly known Cash song. It´s another moody tune by Alex Zhang Hungtai, that reminds of 50ies american melodramatic Frank Sinatra sounds; then again the guitar and the way of singing even sound a bit like early Kurt Vile.

The second song is a (too short!) instrumental guitar fragment, more the kind of “dead man” like film score sound, you can listen to in the early cd´r releases of dirty beaches on canadians friction records.

The split B side tracks by conor prendergast “piranha” and “great to be here” are worth listening, too.
A kind of strange almost funky pop sound with a Phil Elverum like falsetto voice, but as well with this melancholic moody attitude.

So another great 7″, with liner notes and great artwork, unfortunatly limited to 300. But though the 7″ is already sold out in the US, you can listen and download the songs via soundcloud:

“the singer” (dirty beaches):

“gone to hell come friday”(dirty beaches):

“great to be here” (conor prendergast):

“piranha” (conor prendergast):

For a first impression of the album listen as well to the daytrotter sessions of dirty beaches here and especially to the amazing mystic song “lord knows best”.

This is already one of the favourite tracks of 2011!

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