scillas & mazes

Here is a new spring mix: just some lovely, sometimes hypnotlical spring tunes – starting with african sahel sounds continuing with californian guitar tunes and then floating into japanese or south american tracks.

Hope you like it…


Scillas & Mazes –
A spring mix by joe le taxi
April 2011

1. Fanta 2:16 Group Lewlewal Ishilan n-Tenere: Guitar Music from the Western Sahel
2. Terra 3:24 Julian Lynch Live at WFMU on Talk’s Cheap, Jan 20th 2011
3. Little Window 1:23 Ducktails Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics
4. Interlude 1 – Never Shouldve Been There 5:29 Family Portrait s/t
5. New House In Heaven 2:34 Tim Cohen Tim Cohen’s Magic Trick
6. Shine On 2:43 Air Waves EP
7. I’m So Happy Now 4:33 Willie Wright Telling The Truth
8. Mazes 5:05 Moon Duo Mazes
9. Wedding Song 11:10 Peaking Lights Imaginary Falcons
10. Lotus Flower 3:07 The Abstracts VA Pakistan: Folk and Pop Instrumentals
11. No Rest for the Wicked 8:23 A Hawk and a Hacksaw Cervantine
12. Jet Biguine 3:26 Les Loups Noirs D’Haiti Afro Tropical Soundz Volume 1
13. Ako Ba Ho 3:34 Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou Volume One
14. Majrad Ajen 5:45 Amanar Ishilan n-Tenere: Guitar Music from the Western Sahel
15. Track 1 13:32 Floating japanese ooa gardens of the 21st century / Hototogisu
16. Fanfare For Your Museum Of Choice 2:48 Directorsound Redemptive

(CD-R, 79 min)

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