Ed Askew

Thanks to drag city, there is a wonderful release of the 1984 only cassette release “imperfiction” on vinyl and cd by painter and singer songwriter folk musician Ed Askew. A collection of songs, as he wrotes in the liner notes, he recorded in the late 70ies and early 80ies. Sometimes the voice reminds of bob dylan, sometimes other great folk artiist come into mind, but there is something so very unique, so I don´t want to destroy the songs by drawing simple pictures or comparisons. Just listen yourself.

I bought this LP two days and can´t stop hearing the songs over and over again.

“It´s raining on broken glass, what can you do in a crazy world? Write another song, sing it well, la la la la la… ” (At home in the factory, Imperfiction)

There is nothing more to add. Simply beautiful, breathtaking and moving.
You can buy it here or in Berlin at the “bis aufs messer store” – see link on the right bar.

There you can find as well another amazing re-issue 7″, that comes from de stijl with the songs;
“Here we are together again bw. “yelllow dollars” from the wybc radio show 1969
Listen and buy here:

And here is a free download of an live set and a video with great free folk guitar player steve gunn from his bandcamp site, where you can listen and buy more recent lp´s of ed askew.

And at last here read his own words via his blog with more videos, lyrics and songs.

“The road is music, for you and me. I play music for you to feel.”
(Art and Life, Imperfiction)

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  1. Ed Askew says:

    aside from your nice comment about yours truly.. beautiful blog.


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