Ni Dieu Ni Maitre

Here are some tracks, I was listening to a lot while being in Paris last week for an international seminar: Athough there are just 3 french artist on this mix: serge gainsbourg, karaocake and stranded horse, I hope this compilation gets the spirit of the athmosphere in hopefully soon end-sarkozyian & pre revolutionary France.

Enjoy the mix and as well some photos of nice
graffitis / posters in the end, that I saw this week.

If you are or know the artists of those great images,
please feel free to write me.

Jochen / joe le taxi


Ni Dieu Ni Maitre
by joe le taxi, 06/11

Jessicas Wedding 3:14 Paleo Down to the Wire Vol. 1: Artists Collaborating With A 1942 Wire Recorder
Paris 4:54 Mr. & Mrs. Smith A Collector’s Guidebook
Oh, All the Gold and Green Eyes 4:40 Ed Askew Little Eyes
Pol in G 3:00 The Durutti Column Vini Reilly
Free’s 3:13 Bill Callahan Apocalypse
Collapsing Stars 3:35 Richard Youngs Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits
I Walk Alone 10:44 Marijata This Is Marijata
Kersaia 7:33 Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libres
Silly old days 3:38 Stanley Brinks Ep1
eeeeerie 2:37 karaocake Yes or No release Party CDR
On Eastern Time 3:41 Julian Lynch Terra
Des Laids des Dubs 3:12 Serge Gainsbourg Aux armes et caetera (versions dub)
Soul Raga 4:07 Mehrpouya Pomegranates
No 2:27 Skeletons People
Lord Will Make a Way 4:49 Rev A Johnson Life is a Problem…But Where There is Life, There is Hope
Les Axes Déréglés 3:37 Stranded Horse Humbling Tides
Live at the Triple Door 8:17 Mountains Air Museum
Marie 2:39 Golden Boots Down to the Wire Vol. 1: Artists Collaborating With A 1942 Wire Recorder

(80 min)

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