memories of a free festival

Here a some memories of last sunday at the “fusion” festival in mecklenburg. Though it was raining like hell all saturday and sunday this didn´t really change, it was a challenge for everybody to get through the mud, find a dry place etc. But except for some electricity problems at the francois show, everything worked out well and after a while you got used to the rain and cold.

So here are some impressions and pictures of the two floors, that play non-techno music
(neuland & klein kalkutta stage) on sunday:

francois and the atlas mountains (klein kalkutta, 16.30 pm)

Francois played with the atlas mountains a day before in west germany together with zun zun egui and repeated the ecclectic “club groove” show with two drummers and a lot of dance improvisations at the end of the tracks. If you are used to the more quite accoustic singer / songwriter versions of his songs, this is unexpected but it works out really well, although the voice looses a bit of its particularity.

So this was a great start in the afternoon, I am curious to listen to his new LP, that will be out soon. And the theme of the song “Be water – je suis de l´eau” suited perfectly that day!

herman düne (neuland 17 p.m.)

I was a big fan of herman dune since I heard them first in 2004 and was attening a lot of concerts in paris and germany, but this one was the most boring ever and I guess my last herman düne show as well. I don´t know, since Andre Herman Düne left the band after the “Giant” LP the spirit is missing. All tracks they played from the new LP “Strange moosic” seem to have the same rhythm – no edges,no breaks. The guitar solos have no unexpected moments, then there are country and simple folk pop songs, but none of the songs reach the deepness and lovelyness of the weird melancholy melodies at the time of the “not on top” phase or the ones from the earlier works (switzerland heritage, the peel sessions on BBC, the jackson heiths EP, mas cambios etc.)

I remember the concerts with julie doiron in Paris at ground zero or at the Kule in Berlin 2005 / 2006. These were incredible unforgettable shows. What has happened afterwards?

Maybe it is the major deal, maybe andre was the creative head of the band, I don´t know, but: the lovely mono diy spirit is simply gone. And my friends felt the same. So I wave goodbye to herman dune. They didn´t loose just the ” of düne, when splitting up – they lost much more. I remember two years ago, jeffrey lewis in the theaterkapelle at the weird church folk festival singing a song about how sad it is listening to herman düne without andre – and andre was in the back. This was really a moving moment, and – sad but true.

And if you compare the show with a recent concert of the wave pictures or the side project together with coming soon (“the lobster boat”) as they played a week before in a small bar in neukölln, you could feel, that this is much more the spirit the “strange moosic” of early herman düne.
It was like the wave pictures and friends took over the herman düne heritage, while the original plays now maintream folk pop, that is radio compatible…

And, by the way, andre is writing as his new aler ego stanley brinks still great songs. Here one great old cover version of bronski beats smalltown boy.

china women (neuland, 19 pm)

A way more interesting show, I saw later at the same place: Chinawomen from canada. The way of singing reminded a bit of grace jones, but there are magic surprising moments in the intrumentation, some reggae and trip hop elments even mixed with some 80ies grooves and a warm melancholic almost cat power like voice.

So I am happy to see her again at the down by the river festival the 23th july in Berlin

Here is an example:

The pyramids (21 p.m., kalkutta)

The absolute highlight was the concert by the pyramids. It is incredible to see 5 legendary members of african space jazz music of the 70ies playing on a tiny stage at a hippie festival. The band was introduced to be “maybe the oldest band ever played at this festival” – the bass player had his 60ies birthday.

And the next two hours the pyramids celebrated free jazz music and sounds from self build instruments – they improvised, howled, walked around between the audience, screamed and shouted amazing tunes. It is clear that all of them are perfect on their instruments and they play the next time at the jazz fest in cologne but the mixture between intellectual free jazz impros, african influences and avantgarde psych space rock was perfect at this stage.
An unforgettable show, thank you, pyramids!

Here is a song from the great LP king of kings (1974)

Ar last, I´d like to mention the incredible eclectic dj sets, my friend falko teichmann aka the monokid played during the shows at little calcutta stage: this was amazing and a big inspiration!


Annex – 29.07

My friend Bizi send me some great pictures of francois and the atlas mountains, the pyramids, china women and impressions of the festival. They are much better than my
mobile camera photos, merci!

Here we go:

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