little dog´s on air

Thursday, 18th august, little dog will take over the piradio station and play some
records at the abendlandung programme, “slow is the new fast”, which is normally moderated by jean & falko.

There will be no special theme for this night, I will just play my beloved records these days.

Here is a short preview:

There will be tracks from new Mississippi records releases, ambient-drones by stag hare, new folk from fonal records´paavoharju, mysterious stuff from the new dirty beaches / ela orleans split LP and from peaking lights and maybe more from the fine la station radar / night people label.

Maybe I will play some filmmusic from the soundtrack of the great movie “blue valentine” and as well some psychodelic caribian – brasilian tracks of the 50ies and 70ies from new soundway and mr. bongo re-issues, not to get too melancholic in a summer night.

This and more you can listen to :

thursday / donnerstag 18.aug.
22. 30 h. – 24 h. (stream)
or here: 88,4 UKW (in Berlin)

Infos here:

and here:
(later you´ll get the playlist and podcast)

So long, looking forward
howling to you
on air


(podcast at the end)

Playlist Abendlandung, Piradio, 884 UKW/FM (Berlin),
18.08.2011 / 2230 – 2400

• Stag Hare – To coyote to hop (Spirit canoes, hands in the dark/inner island, 2011)
• Matt Valentine – Continuing the good life (What I became, Woodsist, 2011)
• Marisa Andersen – The night before last (The golden hour, Mississippi, 2010)
• Rail Band – Bajala Male (Buffet Hotel de la gare, Superfly, 2011)
• Unknown Youth – “Hitam Hitam” (Street Musicians of Yogiakarta, Mississippi 2011)
• Marc Lebel – La Pluie – (Roqc Folqc: Music from Quebec 1969-1979, Mississippi
Cassette MRC 57)
• O Paon – Sainte Patronne de rien partoute (Courses, Taus, 2011)
• Wyrd Vision – Sing my boat (Sing my boat/Voice of God 10” Split w/castlemusic, Blue
Fog, 2006)
• Beirut – Goshen (East Harlem 7”, Pompeij, 2011)
• Paavoharju – Tuonen Marja, (Ikkunat näkevät, Fonal 2011)
• Hertta Lussu Ässä .- Mehukat Luut /Juicy Bones (s/t, de stijl 2011)
• Jen Paul – Wheel and a chime (La Station Radar Records Compilation, 2011)
• Dirty beaches – Death valley (Dirty Beaches/Ela Orleans Split (La Station
Radar/Atelier Ciseaux, 2011)
• Peaking lights – Little Birds, (Space Primitive, Night People, 2010)
• The Greg Foat Group, Dark is the Sun, Harpsichard Waltz (The Greg Foat Group 10”,
Jazzman, 2011)
• Cyril Diaz and his Orchestra – Voodoo (Cyril Diaz 10”, Soundway, 2011)
• Lula Cortes – Nordeste oriental (Psychodelic Pernambuco, Mr. Bongo 2011)
• Matana Roberts – How much would you cost? (coin coin, chapter one – gens de couleur
libres, constellation, 2011)
• Ryan Gosling – You always hurt the one´s you love (Blue Valentine Soundtrack,
Lakeshore, 2011)
• Rafael Anton Irisarri –Watching as she reels (Hopes and past desires, 7”, Immune,
2008) (fade out after ca.3 min)

Here is the podcast, enjoy!

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