Late summer tales, night galleries & valentines

Here are some moody tracks of late summer impressions, when the days are often sticky and hot but the nights are already starting to get cold – the mix starts and ends with filmmusic from the blue valentine soundtrack as a kind of frame – from “you and me” to “you always hurt the ones you love” – in between there is life and emotions: night galleries, love and light, coyotes, voodoo, death valleys and journeys through time.


Intro: You And Me 2:40 Penny & The Quarters Blue Valentine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

• to coyoto to hop 10:04 Stag Hare Spirit Canoes
• elf ears 2:49 Sad Souls precious paragons
• Neverend 5:08 Ela Orleans Double Feature
• Death Valley 1:50 Dirty Beaches Double Feature
• Mehukkaat Luut / Juicy Bones 4:50 Hertta Lussu Ässä s/t
• Tuonen marja 2:56 Paavoharju Ikkunat näkevät
• Médée 2:55 Les Momies De Palerme Brûlez Ce Coeur
• Spinning Vines 1:49 Diva The Glitter End
• Key Sparrow 3:56 Peaking Lights 936
• Voodoo 4:10 Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra Vodoo EP
• Journey Through Time 5:17 The Shaolin Afronauts Journey Through Time
• La Mone 5:03 L’Orchestre National de Mauritanie La Mone/ Kamlat
• Bajala Male 4:51 Rail Band s/t
• Skull 3:53 Woods Summer 2011 Tour Split
• Can’t Do That 2:34 Dead Moon Strange Pray Tell
• Love & Light 3:46 Sandro Perri Impossible Spaces
• Night Gallery III 5:45 Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw Night Gallery
• continuing the good life 2:29 matt valentine what i became

farewell: You Always Hurt The Ones You Love 1:40 Ryan Gosling Blue Valentine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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