Sun Araw & High Wolf next saturday

I have been away for a while in the south of france and switzerland,  so sorry for not having written some news for a while, but now I´m back in berlin again and the october has already started with a lot of interesting concerts already, as you can see in the berlin to go site.

There has been a great spontanious gig by the fresh and only´s in small antje öklesund, just the day, I came back from holidays. I saw the ncredible White Hills, not in Berlin, they were playing  yesterday,  but in Stuttgart, while visiting my sister. Although this city might not be the best place for celebrating psychodelic avantgarde rock music,  the concert was nevertheless amazing. Videos and pics will soon follow.

So this week there will be another night of heavy far out psych-space rock & ambient dub zunes: sun araw and high wolf playing together saturday in bergain, kantine. Here we go for the details – see here via facebook for recent news.

(infos in German and pics by Falko Teichmann, with whom I will dj together saturday evening at the concert)

Am Wriezener Bahnhof
Einlass: 21 Uhr


SUN ARAW (Sun Ark / Drag City / Not Not Fun)

HIGH WOLF (Not Not Fun / Winged Sun)

decks: falko teichmann & joe le taxi

Ein Gipfeltreffen zeitgenössischer Hochpsychedelik.
SUN ARAW stellen ihr neues Grosswerk ‘Ancient Romans’
vor, das nicht weniger als ein halluzinierendes Konzept-
Album aus dem tiefsten Raum der Geschichte ist, und
gleichzeitig Kraft seiner musikalischen Klarheit, ein
Meilenstein im Schaffen des Cameron Stallones dar-
stellt. Vervollständigt wird das Liveprogramm des Abends
durch den französischen Solokünstler HIGH WOLF,
dessen metaphysische Dronelandschaften von den
Rändern des Sonnensystems erzählen.

Sun Araw Video :

High Wolf live w/ gnod

Here is sun araw live at wfmu with free downloads.

bizarre moonlight
(incapulco/ not not fun)

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