Space is the place – on pyramids, purple moons, high wolfs, sun ras & araws

After the concert of high wolf and sun araw last saturday and just before the concert of the pyramids next week in berlin, here are some tracks influenced by psychodelic far-out space jazz & kraut drones – space is the place: there are pyramids,purple moons, high wolfs, peaking lights,sun ras and sun araws –

Enjoy and see you at the pyramids under a purple moon…

Space is the place mix by joe le taxi
(120 min)

now here:


Star dream 5:18 Stag Hare Light Being Traveller 3″
Fingers 4:19 Tape Luminarium
Raagini 5:47 High Wolf Atlas Nation
The night of the purple moon 3:39 Sun Ra s/t
Eternity 2:54 Alice Coltrane s/t
mogho naba 8:22 The Pyramids King of Kings
chifara 6:52 Mulatu Astatke Mulatu of Ethiopia
Archanegelo 12:44 Raphael Stop, Look, Listen
bent el jerusalem 7:03 East new york ensemble de music at the Helm
Rich Witch 2:18 Vibracathedral Orchestra Joka Baya
Krale 9:34 Sun Araw Major Grotto 7″
Synthy 2:58 Peaking Lights 936
Twilight In Inquanok 2:11 Diva The Glitter End
Friends 3:29 Ducktails Ducktails
Hence i surmise the sordid lights 4:37 Edgar Wappenhalter On The Beach
Per sempre 15:47 White Hills / Gnod Split
the best it ever was 4:11 MV & EE Hick smoke
West Coast Bird 3:00 Dirty Beaches Bird EP
Woven Music For Silver Ocean 10:16 Shinji Masuko Woven Music
Newjoy 3:47 Scott Tuma Not For Nobody
1976 1:11 Twin Sister Moon Then Fell the Ashes…

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