dirty beaches´ lone runner 7″, new videos & film scores

Just a quick press to update you with the latest releases by alex zhang hungtai´s dirty beaches, whose music over the last few years, his obscure 7″, cassettes and his only official lp Badlands, created for me a really new, unheard and unclassifiable amazing sound. There are moody film score pearls or strange punk cover versions of stooges “no fun” or johnny cashs “the singer” in a sad dark rockabilly version. (see older posts)

After the split lp with ela orleans, here is a new 7″ by Dirty Beaches, Lone Runner b/w Stye Eye. Both tracks remind more of his old experimental cassette releases and the cdr´s on fixture records. The flipside is more kind of a raw punk track, could be bauhaus, could be some other early 80ies dark wave punk bands, neglecting to quit punk rock and not wanting to drift into 80´ies pop music.

The refrain of the a side “lone runner” is something like “I feel dancing” could be as well “I can feel the devil coming down by the alley, I feel dead” – it is repeated several times, alex is screaming, as he is in fear. It´s frightning. It could be the soundtack for jim jarmusch´s “stranger than paradise” film, theodor storms “schimmelreiter”, a dark ghost story novel or some other horror b-movie.

It´s great, it´s dark, its rough, it´s dirty, he is not singing more than – let´s say 5 tunes without big alternation, so it will be not everyone´s cup of tea, but that´s how it´s got to be.

Lone Runner 7″ out since oct.18th via suicide squeeze – edition of 750, so be quick –

Here is the video of lone runner directed by kevin luna

And here´s the track Horses: (from badlands, zoo music)

white sand (directed by Tsien-Tsien Zhang)

Another video project is a soundtrack score for the film “Practical Esp”, a documentary by Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty with the score by dirty beaches, buy it as mp3 release via his bandcamp site here or listen to it here:

Here is the ESP Movie:

And at last here my beloved track, shot by the same director, the song “lord knows best”
from badlands.

So hopefully we can see Alex´Dirty Beaches soon performing live in Berlin at his EU Tour, it´s about time! & I will do my best to tell all the berlin bookers, I know here, to invite dirty beaches to berlin…

annex: 30.10

There is as well a wonderfull film mixtape by dirty beaches
listen to it here:


Jungle drums by xavier cugat – days of being wild
simony by connie francis – 2046
Moon river by audrey hepburn/henry mancini- breakfast at tiffany’s
xmas time is here – charlie brown xmas
tu m’as trop menti by chantal goya- masculine féminine
5:30 by DNA – downtown 81
driving decoy by ennio morricone – diabolik
the pink room by angelo badalamenti – twin peaks fire walk with me
chunga’s revenge by frank zapper – happy together
mazurka in A minor by wladyslaw szpilman/chopin – the pianist
nadir by michael nyman – 9 songs

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