Sunday Videos: Hanni El Khatib

Hanni El Khatib´s first 7″ “dead wrong” (innovative leisure) was amazing – What kind of music is this? A young Guy with an arabic name, a cover image, that reminds of Cronenberg´s “crash” – “dead wrong” a 60´ies wha-wha rockabilly song, while the flip side is more a rough garage tune, could be a white stripes cover.

So now his first album “will the guns come out” is out on the same label, he played yesterday in berlin and is touring the EU.

The first part of the album is pure garage rock, 2 minute songs, one hookline – to be honest,the first 6 songs of the album seem to me not very innovative, more retro – garage. Good old rock n´roll, but nothing really new.

But then:

The second part of his album is way more interesting: more soul, more blues, more quiet tunes (innovative leisure is a sub label of the soul label “stones throw”). There is the beautiful “wait wait wait” or “heartbreak hotel”. His trembling 60ies voice is much more present and clear than in the first part of the LP.

See here in the videos, shot in paris for la blogotheque:

One of the best songs is “garbage city”. Here Hanni El Khatib, who is living in Los Angeles, a decent of a filipino mother and a palestinian father, combines in the beginning of the song blues harmonies in a simple love song, but then the songs ends in a psychodelic rock n´ roll guitar feedback desaster, if you listen to the lyrics and the story of that song, youll ´see: this is just consequent.

So after all a very promising debut LP with a couple of great songs, that will stay.

Here are two more videos:

Cover of the debut 7″ “Dead Wrong”, buy it here

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