Coronation issue

Inspired by the latest wonderful turkish psychodelia compilations, this is my personal selection of favourite  “oriental” international songs and instrumentals – indian raggas, songs of indonesian street musicians, maroccan religious chants and derwisch dances, sahel folk tunes, egyptian jazz, north arabic soul or indian bollywood trash.

The title is from a 1975 lp, a selection of old nepalese folk tracks on ratna records, called “coronation issue”.

I tried to take only a few tracks from well known compilations – just some tunes of new great mississippi releases –  instead I tried to compile some of my beloved tunes from some rare LP´s, I found on the flea markets in berlin.


(if you find some mistakes, or have some remarks  please write me – this was quite difficult)

  1. Solo du flute pastorale / Ahidous d`El hajeb  2:40 Unknown Rhythmes et Poesie du Moyen Atlas  (BAM)
  2. Ouverture des derwiches tourneurs 2:30 Orchestre et Chorale Omaya Vol I : Al Mawlawieh (Byblos)
  3. Ya dounia charami 5:52 Mohamed Abdelwahab s/t (Baidaphon Beirut)
  4. Hitam Manis 4:52 Unknown youth Street musicians of Yogyakarta (Mississippi)
  5. (Piesn X) 2:09 Unknown Nepal (Poljazz)
  6. Malarmevum thiruve 3:47 Tiruchanur / T. M Sounderarayan– Musical Pilgrimage of South India (HMV)
  7. Radio Delhi #2 5:38 Unknown / Radio India: The Eternal Dream Of Sound (Sublime Frequencies)
  8. Harmandali Zeybek 2: 36  Santury Recep & Kucuk Cemal  String of Pearls International 78” (Mississippi)
  9. Jagaang tigang 1:12 Unknown – Mata la Pena (Mississippi)
  10. Kamlat 4:02  – L´orchestre Nationale de Mauritanie la Mone / Kamlat 7” (Mississippi/Sahel Sounds)
  11. Chablie ye leili 4:52 Mehr Pouya Soul Ragga 7” (Finders Keepers)
  12. Jeguol Naw Betwa 4:00 Mahmoud Ahmed Jeguol Naw Betwa  (Mississippi / Mahmoud Music Shop)
  13. Yetesfa tezeta 2:20 Mulatu Astatke Ethiopian modern instrumental hits (Ethiopique)
  14. Egypt Strut 6:20 Sun Ra Egypt strut (Vinyl Lovers)
  15. Pahaada basi banama kheli 2:41 Tara Tuladhar & Friends Coronation Issue 1975 (Ratna)
  16. You Matter 8:58 MV & EE Raggas of the culvert (three lobbed)
  17. Minuit  2:46 Fagaru Evolution Ishilan n-Tenere: Guitar Music from the Western Sahel  (Mississippi)

(by joe le taxi,  dec. 11  –  67 minutes)

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