Ela Orleans

Here´s one track from a new release by Ela Orleans, called “Mars is Heaven”, inpired by Ray Bradbury´s short story. I listened to Ela Orleans for the first time last year to her tracks of the fantastic Dirty Beaches / Ela Orleans Split LP.

And I can`t stop listening, since I bought this new LP yesterday, it´s a co release by la station radar/atelier ciseaux. She has as well released right now a LP of tape recordings called Neo-Pi R on Clandestine records.

It´s hard to describe Ela Orlean´s music. New Romantic? Post- Post-Wave ? Melodramatic pop ? Sometimes there are early dirty beaches instrumental like film score soundscapes (she was selected for a fim score mentoring programm  and composes as well for theater production as she writes in her blog), than you can listen to 50/60ies harmonies, but then there are as well 80 ies hooklines, then again her voice is shaking, unclear, washed out – chillwave?

Anyhow, beautiful melodies, catchy but never too simple, very atmospheric & poetic. Hopefully we can see her soon live soon in berlin…

Ela Orleans about Mars is Heaven:

“”Written in 2011, towards the end of Orleans’ residency in New York City.
The record consist of 8 songs inspired by Ray Bradbury’s “Mars is Heaven”.
The story was written in 1948.
Earth astronauts go to Mars and find that all their loved ones are there,
in an idyllic and happy little town. They are convinced that Mars is
actually heaven,where you go when you die. Soon enough, they are lured
away from guarding their spaceship, and the aliens who had been
telepathically projecting this entire illusion kill them all.”
Ela Orleans. Sept 2011.

Here are some tracks of the dirty beaches split release:

…and two tracks from her debut “lost”

Finally two videos:

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