Dirty Beaches next Saturday in Berlin

I´m very happy to see alex zhang hungtai´s project dirty beaches for the first time performing in berlin next saturday and I´m very curious, what kind of music he will perform – more of the earlier moody ambient film score soundscapes from his fixture cd´s and tape releases or the more song-orientated tracks of his latest 7″, the ela orleans split lp and from his first official badlands LP.

Here are some videos, that show the incredible variety of dirty beaches´ musical spectrum – for more infos go to the links in the end of this post or read again some of my earlier dirty beaches related posts, if you like.

So see you at Kater next saturday, hopefully! (I will spin some records right before the concert starts, too.)

Sweet 17 – live at SXSW 2011:

Here is a classic: True Blue (Sweet 17, 7″)

The singer (J.cash / Nick Cave cover, The singer, 7″ )

Lone Runner (7″, “lone runner”)

DIRTY BEACHES /// LONE RUNNER from Kevin Luna on Vimeo.

Lord knows best (Badlands LP)

Dirty Beaches – Lord Knows Best from Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty on Vimeo.

Infos German: koka 36 (buy the tikets there)


Betty Pop (Dinosaur Egg)
Joe Le Taxi (The Little Dog Laughed)

Dirty Beaches wird eines einer drei anstehenden Deutschlandkonzerte in Berlin im Kater Holzig spielen.Mit seiner Mischung aus Lo-fi, Blue Grass, Doowop und Rockabilly klingt
der gebürtige Taiwanese als würde ein Chris Isaak mit Suicide und Jerry Lee Lewis auf Chillwave David Lynch Roadmovies vertonen. Heartbreaking!


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