Adidas to Addis Easter Mixtape


This is a strange easter moody weather mix – sun, wind, snow – western sneakers & addis abeba – like the track from the cut chemist 12″ is called – or like in the foto: two cars driving in different directions but almost touching –

Starting with very quite tunes inspired by o paon´s and mount eerie´s amazing concerts in leipzig and berlin last week – then there are some great ambient tracks like the one by savaging spires and the last half hours are sunny african or south american soul and club grooves from recent 70ies reissues, expecting the spring soon.

So hope you´ll enjoy.

ps. sorry for the poor quality of some tracks and for some computer bleeps during the recording – I shouldn´t write the playlist, while recording…

Exspecting to Fly – Avocet – A Fundamental Experience LP
Burn / Out – Ilyas Ahmed – the Visitor Split EP
La Cible – O Paon – Courses LP
The Book of the Dead – Savaging Spires – Bending the Rules of Time 7”
Angle Pose – Mount Eerie – Disorted Cymbals 7”
Atlas Shrugged – Atlas Sound Dub Narcotic 7”
Esta noche no debes llorar – Sandhy & Mandhy – Para Castukis LP
Flying High – Frankie Zhyvago – The Age of Flying High LP
Ain´t no Sunshine – Original Trinidad Steel Band -West Indies Funk 3
Just a bit of Soul – Soul Vendors – West Indies Soul comp.
Untandosa – Caspar Shiki – Africa, India comp.
Sissi na djolo – Le Super Djata Band du Mali – En Super Forme LP
Kiri Kisi – Sir Victor Uwaifo – Guitar Boy Superstar LP
Black out / Original Brothers & percussive movement/
Friends of the family – African Music today 7”
Tei Egwu – Afro Funk – Body Music LP
Adidas to Addis – Cut Chemist – 12”
Kilimanjaro my Home – Eko – Supafriko 12”
Underwater – Minipops Junior – the Lost Weekend



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