Re: Late summer tales, night galleries & valentines

august 2011:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Here are some moody tracks of late summer impressions, when the days are often sticky and hot but the nights are already starting to get cold – the mix starts and ends with filmmusic from the blue valentine soundtrack as a kind of frame – from “you and me” to “you always hurt the ones you love” – in between there is life and emotions: night galleries, love and light, coyotes, voodoo, death valleys and journeys through time.”


Intro: You And Me 2:40 Penny & The Quarters Blue Valentine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

• to coyoto to hop 10:04 Stag Hare Spirit Canoes
• elf ears 2:49 Sad Souls precious paragons
• Neverend 5:08 Ela Orleans Double Feature
• Death Valley 1:50 Dirty Beaches Double Feature
• Mehukkaat Luut / Juicy Bones 4:50 Hertta Lussu Ässä s/t
• Tuonen marja 2:56 Paavoharju Ikkunat näkevät
• Médée 2:55 Les Momies De Palerme Brûlez Ce Coeur
• Spinning Vines 1:49 Diva The Glitter End
• Key Sparrow 3:56 Peaking Lights 936
• Voodoo 4:10 Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra Vodoo EP
• Journey Through Time 5:17 The Shaolin Afronauts Journey Through Time
• La Mone 5:03 L’Orchestre National de Mauritanie La Mone/ Kamlat
• Bajala Male 4:51 Rail Band s/t
• Skull 3:53 Woods Summer 2011 Tour Split
• Can’t Do That 2:34 Dead Moon Strange Pray Tell
• Love & Light 3:46 Sandro Perri Impossible Spaces
• Night Gallery III 5:45 Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw Night Gallery
• continuing the good life 2:29 matt valentine what i became

farewell: You Always Hurt The Ones You Love 1:40 Ryan Gosling Blue Valentine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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