Selected Goldmund Festival tracks part 2

Here´s part 2 of the goldmund festival 2008 selection. It contains as well at the end as a bonus track my own mix of allen ginsberg´s howl lecture with a postrock track from yndi halda. Think it goes well together – hope you´ll like it – although it´s almost 4 years ago.



laternité – the books – music for a french elvator
shapes electric – silje nes – ames room
microphone pt. 2 – the microphones – tests
welcome nowhere – thanksgiving – welcome nowhere
dark horse – bowerbirds – hymns for a dark horse
dandelion graves – black moth super rainbow – falling through a field
like new – deerhunter – flourescent grey
strange fruit for david – the wave pictures – 7″
bluelips – sackville – the principles of science
love don´t change – eric cheneau – sloopy ground
outdoor miner – flying saucer attack
the gravity car – the olivia tremor control – music for an unrealized film script
graceland – casiotone for the painfully alone – 7″
the killing moon – echo and the bunnymen – ocean rain
good kids make bad grown ups – ariel pink – the dolddrums
caracas – the watery graves of portland – caracas
more action! less tears! – a silver mt. zion – pretty little lightning paw
howl – alles ginsberg vs. yndi halda vs. joe le taxi – unreleased
wheel of fortune – jimmy scott
brave like a goose – grand salvo – the temporary wheel

Here is the whole playlist for that night – as far as I can remember

Joe le taxi – sunday 3.8.2008 main stage, 5 pm till late night
– at least the tracks I can remember…

joe le taxi (excerpt) – Vanessa paradis

Fralité – The Books – Music For A French Elevator
post-partum – The Watery graves of portland and geneviéve – s/t
Shapes, Electric – Silje Nes – Ames Room
Wolves’ Pup – Six organs of admittance – Sun awakens
Young Worlds-Try to Hear! – The Child Readers – Music Heard Far Off
The Metal Glass Band – Kurt Weisman – Spiritual Sci-Fi
Little Bird – little wings – grow
Far Far Away – The Golden Hours – unreleased
mic check – Pants YELL! – Our Horse Calls
Tour de France – Francois – Undereducated tape

(hey o hansen live )

Egaberte – The Books – Music For A French Elevator
Visions of Spring – Moondog
Dark Horse – Bowerbirds – Hymns For A Dark Horse
angel gone – beat happening / calvin johnson
Jenny Again – Tunng – Comments Of The Inner Chorus
Love letter – navylectre – 1
An Actor’s Revenge -Destroyer – Your Blues
Crystal Shade – Flying Saucer Attack – Distance
Awake at the Wheel – Glorytellers – S/T

(snöleoparden live)

requiem for a fox – sandro perri – plays polmo polpo
Love Don’t Change – Eric Chenaux – Sloppy Ground
There can´t be… – Rien – unreleased
3D Message – Pit Er Pat – 3D Message
Woods Children – Do they Smoke Cigarettes in Heaven (Side B) – Woods – Ram 7″
caracas – The Watery graves of portland – Cararcas
Graceland – Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Graceland EP
I Can’t Believe You Actually Died -Mount Eerie -Singers LP

(islaja live)

Italialaisella Laivalla – Paavoharju – Laulu Laakson Kukista
Tuoksu Tarttuu Meihin – Paavoharju – Laulu Laakson Kukista
Good Kids Make Bad Grown Ups – Ariel pink -The Golddrum
Slave – TV Buddhas – II ep
The Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen – Ocean Rain
Wheel Of Fortune – Jimmy Scott Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool
The Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me – Fats Waller – Honeysuckle Rose
Feed Your Sheep A Burning Lamp – Half-handed Cloud – Halos & Lassos
The Gravity Car – The Olivia Tremor Control – Music from the Unrealized Film Script,,,
Dandelion Graves – Black Moth Super Rainbow – Falling Through a Field
When We Fall – Phosphorescent – The Weight Of Flight
More Action! Less Tears! – A Silver Mt. Zion – Pretty Little Lightning Paw

(Jeremy smoking quartet/ rose kemp live )

I Whale – Mount Eerie – I Whale 7″
welcome nowhere – Thanksgiving – Welcome Nowhere
bluelips – Sackville – the principles of science
Prospect Hummer – Animal Collective – EP
Svart Är Himlen // En Gång I År Kom Det En Tår – Dungen – Tio Bitar
Lynching Luncheon – The Robot Ate Me – Sur La Mer (5RC Comp)
It’s Hard To Turn Me On – Quasi – Featuring “Birds”
born under punches – Talking Heads – 77
rambling man – g. rag and los hermanos patchekos – cadeau bizarre
Zozobra – A Hawk And A Hacksaw And The Hun Hangár Ensemble – s/T

(The one ensemble live)

Tired Feet – Alela Diane – The Pirate’s Gospel
coriander – nancy elisabeth – battle and victory
Low Bay of Sky – Richard Youngs – Autumn Response
Like New – Deerhunter – Fluorescent Grey
Return of the native – Early day miners – offshore
time wastes itself – minus story – heaven and hell ep
aliens – the music tapes – first imaginary symphony …
foxtrott – Manishevitz
The Roots And The Ruins – Karate – 594
Here Comes The Future – Frankie Sparo – Constellation Label Sampler – Music Until Now
Mutual Friend – Drunk – Tableside Manners
Fredericia – Do Make Say Think – Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

(Evangelista Live)

wayward song – The earlies – These were the Earlies
Chandelier – Early Day Miners – Chris Bennett: STATELESS Film Score
the measured shores – manyfingers – our worn shodow
brave like a goose – Grand Salvo – The Temporal Wheel
Black Dog – Herman Dune – They Go To The Woods
strange fruit for david – The Wave Pictures – Single
why did gods leave us – jullian angel – another record sampler
stand where i can see you – she keeps bees – minisink hotel
I’m On Fire – Electrelane – Singles, B-Sides & Live
i wish i was a crowbar – Hood – Peel Session


we have all the time in the world – louis armstrong – j. bond – the secret majesic…OST

(Wildbirds and Peacedrums live)

Thanks for an amazing time !

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