re: Photos from Cars in Winter

Vodpod videos no longer available.

re up via mixcloud:

“This is a new mix inspired by the mysterious track “photos from a car in winter”by Dave Fischoff.

You´ll find mostly quiet ambient folk tunes and drones to celebrate the end of 2011 in a more silent way. But if you listen carefully, you can still hear some ambient firework sounds…

Some of the tunes are taken from fine recent LPs out on immune or blackest rainbow records others are slightly older; the mix is embraced by the fabulous dolphins of east belgium / edgar wappenhalter split cassette release.”


En plain bois 1:15 Edgar Wappenhalter Dolphins of East Belgium/Edgar Wappenhalter Split (cauliflower dreams)

Fishen 5:05 Scott Tuma Not For Nobody (immune recordings)
Embraced 4:14 Rafael Anton Irisarri Reverie (immune)
Fugue 3 5:02 Tape & Bill Wells Fugue (immune)
Misere 2:30 The Durutti Column Vini Reilly (factory)
Crystal Harvest 4:37 Higuma Pacific Fog Dreams (root strata)
Cosmic Manhunt 4:59 Eternal Tapestry Beyond the 4th Door (thrill jockey)
My Girl’s A Horse Rider 2:57 Dirty Beaches Practical ESP OST (not on Label)
Mehukkaat Luut / Juicy Bones 4:50 Hertta Lussu Ässä Hertta Lussu Ässä (De Stijl)
Red String 5:37 Alexander Tucker Dorwytch (thrill jockey)
Médée 2:55 Les Momies De Palerme Brûlez Ce Coeur (Constellation)
Ragman 2:23 Isidore Ducasse s/t (blackest rainbow)
Photo From A Car In Winter 3:57 Dave Fischoff Winston Park (secretly canadian)

Zware ulaag 1:44 Edgar Wappenhalter Dolphins of East Belgium/Edgar Wappenhalter Split (cauliflower dreams)

by joe le taxi 12/11
52 min.

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