john jacob niles

Thanks to a hawk and a hacksaw´s L.M. dupli-cation label, here is a wonderful release of songs of american folk musician john jacob niles from the 50ies, the “boone tolliver recordings”, some of these home recordings have never been released before.

Detailed infos: Dupli-cation:

” ‘The Boone Tolliver Recordings’ presents some of the greatest documents of the work of this composer, singer and collector of traditional ballads, who was a profound influence on the US folk revival of the fifties and sixties. A bit of context makes this collection more special yet: by the time of these recordings Niles was an internationally renowned artist, releasing on RCA Victor, playing Carnegie Hall and extensively touring the US and UK. Yet for these recordings he returned to the place where he was most comfortable singing – his living room.

The decision may have seemed strange to people around him at the time, but to Niles, it must have been a natural choice, as his life was a direct product of the things he made- he built his own dulcimers, farmed his land and carved the big doors at his Boot Hill farm.

Niles then went one step further, and decided to start his own label – Boone-Tolliver, literally a “mom and pop” affair (his wife Rena was in charge of mail order). The label released two EPs: ‘John Jacob Niles: American Folk Love Songs’ as well as ‘Ballads by Niles’, before larger folk labels, like Tradition, came calling. While the attempt at starting an independent artist owned label in the 1950’s proved too difficult for Niles, he did succeed in producing some of the best recordings of his career, by shying away from the studio, and surrounding himself by family and friends.

Until now, these recordings have not been reissued on any format, and so it is with great pleasure that another artist-run, “mom and pop” label, L.M. Dupli-cation, presents them back to the world, in vinyl digital and CD mediums.”

Here is one of the most beautiful songs:
Go ´way from my window

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