Visions of Otherness: New releases by Black Eagle Child, Micah Blue Smaldone / Big Blood & Plankton Wat

Just bought new releases by some of my favourite free folk, drone & dark ambient artist over the past few years.

So here we go:

First record is called “pages on a plane” by Michael Jantz´ project Black Eagle Child and is out via the UK under the spire records physically or as well there as mp3. It comes in marbled green vinyl with a simple transparent jacket and a sticker. (Edition of 250)

5 amazing meandering instrumental free folk tracks, interrupted just with some field recordings.
Listen here:

Soon, there will be a new full record by Black Eagle Child called “Go around, again” via under the spire, listen here via their website already.

Second release is a split LP by Portland´s Big Blood and Micah Blue Smaldone out on Immune Recordings, buy it in Berlin via A number of small things or at the Bis aufs Messer Store, see link on the right side.

There are two long tracks by Micah Blue Smaldone, one is called “the mule” and reminds of the intensive “red river LP” songs:

listen here:

the mule

For the Big Blood side, there are two tracks and a short kind of fade out. The first is a lovely ballad, sung by coleen, while the second song “sister”, sung by caleb – listen here – has more some kind of neil young harmonies.

I really like as well the third short experimental hard to describe fade out track.

For more songs of really good non – official releases go to the free music archive or to their website donttrusttheruin.

So at last here is plankton wat´s first release on thrill jockey: “spirits”. I was already amazed by the cd´r out on blackest rainbow a few years ago called “visions of otherness”. So here is eternal tapestry´s dewey mahood´s debut on a bigger label and it´s just thrilling, how inspiring instrumental guitar drones can be.

Here is a song and the title track spirits:

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