On Mules, Broken Slumbers & Summer Bummers

After re – uploading some of my older mixes via mixcloud, here´s a new one with more recent sounds and some tracks of latest important reissues.

The title is from the amazing GRAVES LP “Summr Bummr” – see earlier posts – you will hear a short track in the end of the mix. It starts with more ambient and quiet tracks by micah blue smaldone, big blood and black eagle child. Later there are some african and brasilian tracks of the 70ies from great new reissues by mr.bongo, superfly and analog africa.

As an intro and an outro there is some electronic music for children from the new mississippi records release with the same title and two tracks of the mysterious Willis Earl Beal LP.

Hope you´ll like it…



Sing, Children Sing! Bruce Haack the Electronic record for children (Mississippi)
Nepenenoyka Willis Earl Beal  Acousmatic Sorcery (XL)
Broken Slumber Plankton Wat Spirits (Thrill jockey)
Cycle To The Moon  Black Eagle ChildPages On A Plane (under the spire)
The Mule Micah Blue Smaldone Micah Blue Smaldone/Big Blood Split(Immune)
The Queen & Her Court Big Blood Micah Blue Smaldone/Big Blood Split(Immune)  
Pine Cone Graves Summr Bummr(St. Yves)
Sorriso Selvagem the gentlemen s/t (mr.bongo)
Peace On Earth  Ebo Taylor Twyer Nyame( Superfly)
Wegne nda m´banda Orchestre Super Borgue de Parakou the Bariba Sound(analog africa)
What’s Wrong With Groovin Letta Mbulu – jazzman 7″
Cakal Caz hayvanlar alemi yekermo sew 7″ (sublime frequencies)  
Buikdans silvester anfang II Perzische Tapeten (the great pop supplement)
Food Clothing and Shelter Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, The Congos  s/ t (FRKWYS)
Sambo Joe From The Rainbow Willis Earl BealAcousmatic Sorcery (XL)
Saint Basil Bruce Haack The Electronic Record for children (Mississippi)

Peace on earth:

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