Crocodile Moon

Crocodile Moon:
On dead moons, endless flowers, post break up sex & moody crocodiles – let´s get emotional…


too far to see – mv&ee – space homestead
lone bell – mount eerie – clear moon
leo and luna – mark kozelek – nights lp
i´ll follow you – dead moon – mississippi 7″
Endless Flowers – Crocodiles – endless flowers
Post Break-Up Sex – Stevie Moore – please leave
shemonmwanaye – getatchev mekurya – …and his saxophone
kophaa koo – ali birra – amalele
dadon gabou yo sa be – orchestre super borgou de parakou – the bariba sound
lo – hi – peaking lights – 12″
mercantile rags – blanche blanche blanche -wink with both ends
I won´t share you – the smith – strangeways here we come
I’m Goin’ Away – John Jacob Niles – the boone tolliver recordings
funnel clouds – married in berichev -menagerie # 2 comp.

Melacholia Moon by Laetitia Taban, :

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