little wings & solid home life

Just received two amazing little records, available as co-releases both as cassettes or LP`s, released only in the US.

First is a new little wings LP “make it rain” in a cassette edition via gnome life records or as a LP version with hand drawn unique covers by kyle field via people in a position to know store.

It´s a live to tape recording “in the midth of a gentle but unrelenting rain storm on the cliffs of big sur, california in 2011” (kyle field, in the beginning of this record)

There are amazing covers of songs by jimmy cliff, kenny rogers or the beach boys. Listen to little wings versions of silver jews´ “strange victory”, michael jackson´s “human nature” as well the spiritual “rivers of babylon”,  a new version of “scuby” (originally on soft pow´r) and some fragmentary tracks.

Liten to Halloween 2020:

So it´s more a kind of a non – official, collector´s item LP – but a really lovely one!

Second record is a collaboration between Lake´s Lindsey Schief and Graves´ Greg Olin called solid home life. It´s reminds of the Graves LP “Summr Bummr”: Tiny little folk songs, melancholic but somehow light and happy as well.

Buy it as tape or nice blue vinyl via curly cassettes, fin records, Bandcamp or the PIAPTK shop for really little money.

Listen and buy it here:

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