Dirty Beaches live wfmu & Clandestine Split LP

Dirty Beaches live at WFMU! from WFMU on Vimeo.

As an appetizer for the concert at west germany the 26.9., after the amazing first berlin rock n´ roll show in kater early this year, here is the set, alex played at wfmu recently, an interview and a video.
(Although, I have to admid, that I´m more a fan of his early ambient works, published on cassettes,7″ and on hard to get fixture records CDr`s)

Listen and download his songs he played at free music archive.


01. Neon Gods + Funeral Strippers (10:41)
02. A Hundred Highways (03:47)
03. Horses (05:28)
04. Sweet 17 (05:13)
05. Interview (12:25)


And, I forgot to say, that there is a split LP right now
with ela orleans / US girls / Dirty Beaches and slim twig. Just bought it today at the bis aufs messer store see link on the right bar or via clandestine records.

It´s a kind of weird mixture of 4 different artists, but I like most of the tracks. The dirty beaches track is very kraut. Here are some excerps and a video :

ELA ORLEANS “the season” from movies for ears on Vimeo.

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