mv & ee

Iz´s really hard to keep track of all the mv & ee and matt valentine solo releases, the back catalog via discogs is as rich as lets say the one of bonnie prince billy. But I have to say, none of the tracks of the last LP´s “space homestead” or the matt valentine “what I became” lp gave me the feeling, this is a mere repetition of older songs. No, they were amazing.

And every now and then, they release as well live jams of their concerts as cdr´s or cassettes. So normally I am not a big fan of live recordings but these are really exceptional. So just bought the 4 tapes box set called “Godchaux Free Brattleboro by mv & ee, a collection of live jams in 2011 and 2012 released by

Blackest Rainbow:

“Vegas Booyah’ is a set from the brand new 4 x cassette box set from MV & EE. Four live excursions from MV & EE, this time keepin’ it strictly local to their dwellings. Four sets spanning 2011 – 2012, three Golden Road sets and a set backed up by The Toasted Clam. These high quality cuts feature the fine musicians Rongoose, Smokehound and Herbcraft. Continuing on from the previous box set collabs with MV & EE you get the usual white custom made box with a full colour cover, pro-dubbed and printed cassettes with a small 8 page black and white booklet. Over 4 hours of sounds across four cassettes ‘Jettison Awareness’, ‘Townie Tumbleweeds’, ‘Vegas Booyah’ and ‘Mesos Pot Amia’. Comes with a download code for the whole set. Edition of only 180.”

Listen and get spaced. Looking forward, seeing them next week playing at festsaal kreuzberg with black dice and slver apples, the 11.sept.

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