From Eden´s Island to the River of Jordan

Starting and ending with a track by the amazing reissue of Eden Abhez´”edens island” , here is a colection of my recent personal favouries of spiritual jazz & blues, african gospel, loner folk & krauty exotica, some taken from new issued records by mississippi, sahel sounds or jazzman but as well classics by rail band, moondog or afro funks´ incredible early psych kraut track “farewell to ibusia”.

“So I found my way & I found my home on eden´s Island, where the wind has been telling the truth forever and ever and ever”


Eden´s Island Eden Ahbez Eden´s Island
Panorama Wide Josephine Foster Blood Rushing
Unknown jef Gisson Spiritual Jazz III
Udoyeleg that´s why Spiritual Jazz III
Frost Flower Moondog The German Years 1977-1999
Laila je t´aime Le marchant du soleil Laila je t´aime compilation
The lord will make a way the sensational six 5 minutes to midnight 10″
Drowning on a dry land (instrumental) albert king 7″
Dila groupe musical spiritual singers Nitsamina
Mali tebaga mogoma rail band Melodias
Farewell to Ibusia Afro Funk Body Music
Mordender mann sylvester anfang II 7″
I´m gonna cross that river of jordan sun araw spaceman 3 split 7″
Villon Camera Radiate!
Will It Be Michael Yonkers Lovely Gold
Red Woman–Letter To England Ed Askew Ask The Unicorn
Stateline MV & EE Total Loss Songs
Kentucky Babe Big Blood IMMUNE 021 split LP
The Vampire of Suburbia TwinSisterMoon When Stars Glide Through Solid
La mar Eden Ahbez Eden´s Island

(90 min)

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