I used to be so fragile: china women (sunday videos)

After the concert yesterday in festsaal kreuzberg, here are 2 new tracks to buy via bandcamp, a video of the song and 2 classic videoa: the leonard cohen cover: “lovers are strangers” shot in a house for elderly people and the incredible “party girl”.

The concert, well: The beginning was very late, there were technical difficulties, the first track “lovers are strangers” was almost spoiled and the sound was lousy, really kind of muddy, sorry. This is a pity, though for her kind of precise and simple song structures, it is really important. And even at the “fusion festival” last year, not to be known having the best p.a., there the sound was brighter and better.

But nevertheless there were again really good monents, like when she sang a russian classic or the track “god bless my socially retarded friends” right in the end. And her apperarance and way of singing is extraordinary. I always have the feeling, she is singing somehow “slower” than the melodie and kind of “behind the rhythm”. And this is maybe creating the amazing tension, apart from the lyrics. A bit like leonard cohen did, and john coltrane was known to do so.

So still very happy to have you living in Berlin, and looking forward to see you in other concerts.

She ends with the phrase yesterday, with a smile on her face:
“I used to be so fragile, but now i´m so wild, so wild”

Here are two new digital singles: “to be with others” and “pure at heart” via bandcamp

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