Mount Eerie´s “Ocean Roar”

Following the more ambient, epic “clear moon” in early spring, here´s mount eerie´s “evil brother”: Ocean Roar. There are more drones, more guitars, less song structures. It´darker, heavier. Listen to the the opener “pale lights”, a 10 minutes instrumental hardcore psych-track or as well “waves” or “engel der luft”. In beetween there is time to breath: the title track is an almost pop tune with female co- singing (Allyson Foster) and children choirs: beautiful! “I Walked Home Beholding” with it´s meandering singing could be found as well on clear moon, “ancient times” is a short jazz / exotica pearl with field recordings, opening for another dark instrumental drone with amazing flute folk sounds in the background.

So, great news: mount eerie keeps with “ocean roar” his outstanding level of conceptual experimental avantgarde music, that he started with the microphones “Mount Eerie LP”. Buy it at p.w.elverum & sun.

Mount Eerie:

“Ocean Roar is part two in a pair of new Mount Eerie albums this year. It acts as a counterpoint to the soft synth walls and landscape pondering of Clear Moon, presenting the opposite of that album’s clear glints of awareness: a total wall of blue-grey oceanic fog, a half remembered dream of a trip through dense old growth hills to the gnarly winter ocean, in the middle of the night, decades ago. This album is the audio equivalent of the blanket of thick dark water vapor that covers the Pacific Northwest for most of the year, revealing only brief glimpses of illumination. Ocean Roar is perhaps more experimental than the average album. Calling these things “songs” only loosely applies. These are closer to studies in sound, attempts to alter the way the brain experiences its surroundings after being subjected to endless chords, repeating note flurries, stretched drones. It’s “psychedelic” in same way as seasickness or vertigo. Warmth and distortion, burning driftwood, 9 months of rain.”

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