C O N S T E L L A T I O N # 15

Here are some teasers for the constellation 15 years celebration tour, that started – inofficially – with the godspeed you! black emperor concert last week in so36, berlin and will continue next weekend in leipzig, in the beautiful old theater UT connewitz next weekend with a two day festival, celebrating experimental fragile and innovative music with a silver mount zion, matana roberts, sandro perri and others

line up:

friday 23.11:

Do Make Say Think + Hangedup + Sandro Perri + Eric Chenaux + Matana Roberts

saturday 24.11:

Thee Silver Mt Zion + Hrsta + Elfin Saddle + Carla Bozulich + Jerusalem In My Heart

(Me and my friend falko teichmann will dj between the concerts on the friday night)

A night before, thursday, they will show the claire denis “white material” film with the tindersticks soundtrack on constellation

Some live impressions here:

So looking forward to this amazing eveent! There are as far as I know still tickets for 30 € to buy – it´s surely worth it.

More infos here:
constellation records
ut connewitz

Here is a mix for this event:

and an amazing new solo track by Matana Roberts:

and as well a new track by colin stetson (although not on tour)

In december there will as well be a berlin constellation mini – event in lido, here is the poster:

eric chenaux

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