* This is our Punkrock… – Not yet rusted impressions of CST #15 Festival *

Here a some impressions and – mostly poor mobile camera – photos from the constellation records fest in ut connewitz in leipzig last weekend. Seeing 12 Constellation bands performing in 2 Days in my beloved old theater and having the chance to play some music between the concerts and getting to know some of the artists was simply overwhelming.

Especially the unbelievable fresh performances by do make say think on the friday night and the beautiful guitar layyers by khora on saturday afternoon in the zoro cafe surrounded by an art exhibition of constellation art and graphics were my personal favourites, moreover cause he was not officially announced.

Here is a track by khora, released on the musique fragile Box # 1 –
Silent Your Body is Endless

But none of the other bands and artists were in some way disappointing to me. In fact, there were moments of incredible intensity, when matana roberts or carla bozulich were performing. Or think of the amazing set and video projections by jerusalem in my heart, whome I had never heard before. And the live performance by hanged-up with drums and violin creating an incredible noise, almost punk rock – or remember eric chenaux, starting the festival with an intense acoustic performance. Simply stunning.

And above all, it felt like attending an intimate family fest, sometimes almost getting confused, seeing all the artist playing together on one stage. A friend of mine counted matana roberts 6 times on the stage, singing or playing sax.

So thanks for this amazing unique event to all the artists, constellation label mates and the organisers. And please come back soon! I can´t wait another 5 years….

Ps. Better photos are to be found here:

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